The A.T.F.S. Annual

The first edition of the A.T.F.S. Annual, titled “The 1951 A.T.F.S. International Athletic Annual” was produced by joint editors Fulvio Regli and Dr. Roberto Quercetani and published by Tipografia “La Commerciale” SA, Lugano, in Switzerland.  Thru the years various members of the A.T.F.S. have taken on the onerous task of editing the yearly publication.  Renowned British statistician and broadcaster Peter Matthews is the current editor of the publication.

The latest edition, “Athletics 2015 – The International Track and Field Annual  is available from publisher as follows:
SportsBooks Ltd.
9 St. Aubyns Place
York  YO24 1EQ
United Kingdom
Tel: 01904 613473

Each yearly edition is generally available by late April/early May, with current financial members of A.T.F.S. receiving their copy soon after publication.

Previous Editions
Editions from 2010 to the present (2015) are still available and can be obtained by contacting the publisher, SportsBooks, as detailed above.
Publications prior to 1980 are all but out of stock, while limited numbers of editions produced between 1981 and 2009 are available from the A.T.F.S. by contacting the Secretary, Michael McLaughin to ascertain availability of the desired year.

List of Editors
1951 – 1952  Fulvio Regli and Roberto Quercetani  (Tipografia La Commerciale S.A., Lagona, Switzerland)
1953 – 1955  Fulvio Regli and Roberto Quercetani  (World Sports Magazine, London, England)
1956 – 1969  Roberto Quercetani  (World Sports Magazine, London England)
1970 – 1972  Rooney Magnusson  (World Sports Magazine, London, England)
1973 – 1974  Vladmir Visek  (Bartels & Wernitz, West Berlin, Germany)
1975 – 1978  Don Potts  (Track and Field News, Los Altos, California, USA)
1979 – 1983  Nejat Kok  (Palle Lassen, Kobenhavn, Denmark)
1984  Richard Hymans  (Palle Lassen, Kobenhavn, Denmark)
1985 – 1990  Peter Matthews  (Sports World, London, England)
1991 – 1992  Peter Matthews  (Burlington Publishing, London, England)
1993 – 1994  Peter Matthews  (Harmsworth Active, London, England)
1995 – 2013  Peter Matthews  (Sportsbooks, Cheltenham, England)
2014 – 2015  Peter Matthews  (Sportsbooks, York, England)