A.T.F.S. Executive

The Association of Track and Field Statisticians is a worldwide voluntary organisation of enthusiasts devoted to the collection and dissemination of statistics relating to all disciplines within the sport of Track and Field.  Founded in August 1950, the Association, since 1951, has each year produced or been associated with the authoritative compilation of International athletics statistics, the International Track and Field Annual, more commonly refered as “The ATFS Annual“.

The Association is governed by its own constitution, under an Executive Committee and a minimum of eight other members, ensuring that all geographical regions as designated by the IAAF are represented. These Officers, who are all voluntary, are elected every four years, generally following the Summer Olympics cycle.

The current Executive Committee and General Committee, who will hold office thru to 2016 are:

 Paul JENES  (Australia)

 A. Lennart JULIN  (Sweden)

Michael J. McLAUGHLIN  (Australia)


Eduardo BISCAYART  (U.S.A.)
Riel HAUMANN  (South Africa)
Nejat KOK  (Turkey)
Bernard LINLEY  (Trinidad & Tobago)
Rooney MAGNUSSON  (Sweden)
Giuseppe MAPPA  (Italy)
Peter MATTHEWS  (Great Britain)
Yoshimasa NOGUCHI  (Japan)
Yves PINAUD  (France)
Roberto QUERCETANI  (Italy)